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Perhaps you have not heard of EDM Zap before but they have been working quietly with thousands of companies since 1971. Whether it is keeping their EDM equipment running efficiently through the years or rebuilding production machines to maintain profitability, EDM Zap has shaped the entire EDM industry.

EDM Zap has EDM accessories, filters, fluids, parts, supplies, tooling, and more. EDM Zap also provides EDM rebuilds, repairs, upgrades, new equipment, and used equipment. It’s no wonder EDM is in the name.

EDM Zap builds an EDM Power Supply that is designed to give EDM users the advantage of better productivity, programming capabilities, advanced arc protection, extensive reporting and much more. Built and supported in the USA by one of the oldest EDM organizations around.

If you have an Elox, ERM, or Xermac sinker electrical discharge machine, EDM Zap can service, repair, and support the equipment keeping it profitable into the future.

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1725B Crescent Lake Dr, Montgomery, IL 60538