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Founded in 1971, EDM Zap has established a reputation of excellence in the EDM industry. Serving a wide range of commercial markets both domestically and internationally, EDM Zap helps customers meet their manufacturing and operating needs through a variety of services including engineering, operation, support, and sales. EDM Zap started as a service company that maintained, repaired, and upgraded EDM equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Widely considered experts in the industry, EDM Zap has dominated the independent service industry. Over the last decade, the addition of new personnel has helped EDM Zap expand to new fields including EDM Zap branded equipment.

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The primary markets EDM Zap serves include the Aerospace, Moldmaking, Forging, Energy, and Medical markets. A majority of these customers use EDM Zap for traditional assistance in equipment services such as support and maintenance. A growing number of organizations are utilizing EDM Zap’s engineering services for unique, challenging, or custom machining operations.

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EDM Zap’s knowledge, technology, and products make it unique in the marketplace. The building blocks of this success are the accomplished people who work for EDM Zap. They have years of EDM expertise that help customers continue to be successful. In addition to its people, EDM Zap’s technology and products stand out and often provide specialized solutions to challenging problems.






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