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EDM Zap offers EDM service and repair on many classic EDM’s including Elox, ERM, Xermac, Cincinnati, EDM Solutions, Ingersoll, Hansvedt, Easco Sparkatron, and more. When it comes to servicing classic Elox Sinker or ERM/Xermac EDM’s, there isn’t anyone more qualified than EDM Zap. Specializing in those brands, EDM Zap has the technical know-how and parts to maintain and repair. EDM Zap offers on site service at your facility. Centrally based in Chicago, technicians travel all over North America to keep your EDM operating at its best. Often technicians are available to travel the same day or next day to provide quick repair to keep your EDM’s profitable. EDM Zap also offers in house repair of components and equipment. Many customers ship individual components for repair and testing and when the repair is completed it is shipped back to you. Additional services such as full equipment service is also available where customers send in entire machines or power supplies for check-up, service, repair, and testing.






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