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EDM Zap offers a wide variety of parts and supplies to keep your EDM operating.


EDM 3001 Lite Synthetic Dielectric Fluid EDM 3001 Lite is an advanced premium synthetic dielectric fluid for machines of all power ratings and sizes. It is a multipurpose, high performance, long lasting dielectric fluid with special emphasis on safety. The extremely low aromatic content, low sulfur content, and high flash point increases safety and operator acceptance. EDM 3001 Lite resists oxidation, retains viscosity and does not irritate the skin. The consistent viscosity allows improved finishes, rapid flushing and excellent filterability.

EDM Clear-3 Semi-Synthetic Dielectric Fluid Clear-3 is a semi-synthetic dielectric fluid featuring a low viscosity for good flushing and a high flash point for safety. Suitable for electrical discharge machines of all sizes and power ratings, Clear-3 offers flexibility while meeting operator requirements for performance. Its clear, highly transparent appearance makes for excellent work visibility. It has worldwide operator acceptance because Clear-3 is virtually odorless. Since it is so highly refined it almost eliminates skin irritation. Additives help Clear-3 resist oxidation and extend fluid life.

EDM 3033 Premium Dielectric Fluid EDM 3033 dielectric is a premium, highly refined petroleum fluid suitable for roughing and finishing operations. The high performance fluid features a high flash point for safety and a low viscosity for effective flushing. EDM 3033 has a clean and clear appearance with extremely low odor giving it excellent operator acceptance. In addition, EDM 3033 has a high dielectric strength and long service life.

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EDM Accessories

Fagor Digital Readout Available in 1, 2, or 3 axis systems that offer advanced features designed to optimize the performance of EDM equipment.

EDM Zap Ram Pulser A solid state electronic timer which improves the cutting conditions in the EDM gap, providing faster cut times and better finishes with less chance of DC arcing. It is especially effective for parting lines, deep ribs, pockets, or tapered walls. Any job with less than optimum flush can be improved by using the Zap Ram Pulser.

Fire Stop Fire Detection System The FireStop II system is designed for nearly all EDM sinkers. With advanced technology, the flame sensing circuitry can detect and stop an EDM fire before it begins.

Loc-Line Modular Hose The flexible ball and socket system allows users to direct the oil flow right where it is needed most.

EDM Graphite


Erowa Hirschmann System 3R Harig

EDM Filters

Sinker Wire Hydraulic Air






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